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Welcome to the home page of the I.H.Z. Commercial center


International trade centre for products, commodities and raw materials

In Germany coming into being the first I.H.Z. Commercial Center

Informations about the I.H.Z. Commercial Center


HIn future trading companies are able to order and to buy goods and raw materials directly for the Asia price about the I.H.Z. Commercial center which will have its place of location in the federal state Saxony


The I. H. Z. Commercial center will have a certain basic of assortment of goods in commodities constantly in the camp as well as a exhibition area where Asian producers can introduce new articles and products. The I. H. Z. Commercial center will firmly work together with numerous companies in Asia and provide from approx. 2,000 to 4000 articles in the sales exhibition.as a pattern for the assessment of the quality.


Trading companies can assess the products and investigate the quality, delivery time and price. Nevertheless pictures of the products can be made for marketing actions.

The most precious property one cannot buy, is time


Time is money, the I.H.Z. Commercial center lowers the time for the purchase and, also, reduce the costs! The I.H.Z. Commercial center offers the possibility for companies of every kind and size which are working in the field of trading and distribution.

I.H.Z. Commercial Center - Germany


The I.H.Z. Commercial Center offers the optimum base in Europe for producers which are active in the production of goods.


  • Producers are able to present products in the I.H.Z. Commercial center and the I.H.Z. Commercial center will sell it all over Europe
  • 60 companies from12 countries present 2000 products as a pattern product in the constant exhibition, during the coming 18 months the offer will expanded up to 4000 articles


Advantages for retailers and traders


  • Permanent exhibitation including novelties fair
  • constantly repository with commercial goods and bulk good
  • Purchase of the smalest up to the great post
  • Companies buy all goods for the commercial price in Asia plus sea cargo and street cargo
  • The I.H.Z. Commercial center raises a commission at the rate of 5% to maximum 10% of the commercial value
  • no monetary transfer in foreign countries necessarily
  • no risk that the product which is delivered has another quality then the good which was valued in the I.H.Z. Commercial
  • no problems with EU licensing, seals of quality and certificates, because all goods are checked from the I.H.Z. Commercial center
  • no work with the custom office
  • ordered goods can be fetched on several collections
  • no own purchaser who will cost enormous sums of travel expenses and expenses in Asia
  • the whole product will be balanced by the I.H.Z. Commercial center


Companies working in the field of retail and whole trade ,can carry out just now already the license as a customer online and receive a customer No. from the I.H.Z. Commercial center by mail.


The I.H.Z. Commercial center is represented from 15.05.2017 online. From 15.06.2017 customers can visit the I.H.Z. Commercial centre also directly in the location Leipzig. Companies are able to inquiries already product and prize to the I.H.Z. Commercial center direct.


The I.H.Z. Commercial center works together with producers in Asia from China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. In future in the I.H.Z. Commercial center approx. 60 producers will represent their product lines constantly, the product lines enclose more than 4,000 products as a pattern product Besides this approx. 500 different articles will be in stock constantly in the camp.


The I.H.Z. Commercial Center means more as a trading company


The "CO-WORKING" conception of the I.H.Z. Commercial center is a modern form, to use capacities, experiences and resources optimally. Get more information at the end of our contact side. The I.H.Z. Commercial center for sales representatives and free distribution employees.


Further information for interested parties

Expansion of the activity area of the

I.H.Z. Commercial center


Still in 2017 we begin with trade of raw materials for the processing industry. In this segment we deal not only with the raw material import to Europe but also from Europe to Asia. There exports come from Europe to Asia for the construction branch. Machines and other products.


Here the whole business area „Asia of business" will be transfer from the Pacon Projekt Investment GmbH in the I.H.Z. Commercial center.


Currently you can find the information for exports to Asia still on the website


Asien Business


Das I.H.Z. Commercial Center als Arbeit- und Auftraggeber


Aktuell bieten wir eine Position als Geschäftsführer und Standortmanager für das I.H.Z. Commercial Center - in Deutschland an.


Geschäftsführer (m/w)

Führungskraft mit unternehmerische Erfahrung und Umsetzungskraft

Nach Etablierung in seiner Zielfunktion führt der Geschäftsführer alle Bereiche vollverantwortlich gegenüber den Gesellschaftern.

Gesucht wird eine Führungspersönlichkeit, die auf der Basis einer überdurchschnittlichen Ausbildung oder auf eine mehrjährige Berufserfahrung, auf einen erfolgreichen Werdegang im internationalen Handels- oder Logistikgeschäft bei professionell geführten und wirtschaftlich nachhaltig erfolgreichen Adressen zurückblicken kann.

Des Weiteren erwarten wir, Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Kunden und Auftraggebern sowie die Fähigkeit eigenständig und Verhandlungssicher neue Kunden und Auftraggeber an das I.H.Z. Commercial Center zu binden.

Sie sind in der Lage langfristig und professional eine überdurchschnittliche Ertragskraft für das I.H.Z. Commercial Center zu regeneriere, Sie sind eine hands-on agierende Persönlichkeit, verfügen über kommunikatives Gefühl sowie ein sicheres Auftreten gegenüber Kunden, Auftraggebern, produzenten in Asien? Dann bietet die Stelle als Geschäftsführer für Sie eine Zukunft.


Ihre Bewerbung senden Sie Bitte an, Mail: gf@ihz-de.com z.Hd. Herrn Schmidt oder Herrn Hatzenbühler


Die Basis für Produzenten und Händler - Germany

Asien - Europa - Asien


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